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Update: February 12 2019

Unfortunately we where sidetracked for most of 2018 from life events.

Ten Years of Resistance by Al-Namrood was released last year. It is currently available through bandcamp and amazon and other shops. Thank you to all those that purchased the album and have continued to support the label.

We where delayed in releasing two albums last year, one was by Darkestrah and the other was by Odious. Both those vinyl editions will be released this year in the first half of the year. They are both currently in press and have a reduced limitation to 100. We are expecting Odious - Mirror of Vibrations and Darkestrah - Embrace Of Memory soon.

We will be letting go of this website in 2020 for a mobile friendly experience website with a shop and easy access to bandcamp. We are currently in the process of doing this.

Update: April 12 2018
Akvans album Forgotten Glory was released on CD in March. Reviews will be posted as they come in on the releases page for this release.

Al-Namrood have announced the album TEN YEARS OF RESISTANCE. Seven tracks where chosen and remastered to be released in digital, cd and vinyl formats for the first time with Humbabas vocals. The vinyl will be limited to 300 (Gold 100, Black 200). CD will be limited to 500. Artwork is now on the releases page and soon the pre-order will launch on bandcamp.

We are also going to soon announce more details on the Darkestrah and Odious LP releases scheduled for later this year.

Update: February 16 2018
Happy New Years to everyone. We have some great news for this year. Lets start.

Firstly, we have signed our newest band Akvan which is a black metal band from Iran. We will be updating our pages soon to reflect the newest release scheduled for March 2018. The CD release will be limited to 250 copies.

Then we have follow up news on Darkestrahs Embrace of Memory re-release of the LP on our label. Last released on vinyl in 2005 it will be reintroduced by the end of 2018 on our label. We are excited to put this release out again.

Equimanthorn will be issuing their first LP release of Second Sephira Cella most likely for a late 2018 or early 2019 date. A very unique band and concept.

And ofcourse Al-Namrood will return this year with a 10 year anniversary release consisting of remastered songs with the sound of Humbaba. We will be posting artworks and more information soon under the releases section. Stay tuned.

Update: December 1 2017
We have not updated often this year, but it was a successful year once more with our release of Enkar. We have some limited stock left of past releases which are all almost sold out from the Al-Namrood catalog.

This year saw the repress of Kitab Al Awthan on digipack by Terror Records (Brazil) featuring the original artwork which is distributed through Drakkar Brazil. The original release is almost sold out in jewel case format released in 1000 quantity back from 2012.

Recently for the holidays we pressed an ENKAR LOGO shirt which is available through our bandcamp page. The shirts are limited to 50. Most other Al-Namrood shirts are sold out so grab these while we have them. The logo is not a new logo but a special logo for the Enkar release. We will soon release Al-Namrood patches again in larger format.

We will continue to announce any updates to Darkestrahs upcoming tour in 2018.

We have two announcements for 2018 regarding releases. The first being Akvan from Iran will be releasing their debut full-length album Forgotten Glory on our label on CD format limited to 300 which will also be available in digital format.

Lastly, we are excited to announce the next Al-Namrood album details soon to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

Happy Holidays to everyone, we will be back in the new year.

Update: May 25 2017
Al-Namroods latest album Enkar was released. Thank you to everyone that supported us by getting a copy of the vinyl, cd or digital. Available on Amazon, Bandcamp and on our new mobile-friendly shop.

Update: April 20 2017
We have two new websites that just went up. Both are newly designed for a mobile-friendly experience. Even though I prefer this website personally, I realize that this website is not the best for the mobile experience. We have thus updated our website. Please visit . Also the was updated. Enkar should be released soon, pre-orders will start shipping second week of May.

Update: February 22 2017
A new teaser video is up featuring the track Nabth from Al-Namrood`s upcoming album Enkar. Check out the new video.

Update: January 24 2017
Happy New Years to everyone. We are excited to start this year as we announce the 6th full length album of Al-Namrood titled Enkar. The release date is set for May 22 with shirts, vinyl and cds coming your way. The best part is, if you pre-order it, it will be on a discounted price available exclusively on our bandcamp page but easily soon to be found on Amazon, or iTunes.

Here is a feature of Al-Namrood in an Indonesian newspaper Tirto.  A very detailed article if you read it translated.

Update: December 14 2016
Get your fix of our desert themed black metal releases for the cold winter months. All our releases are available on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. Find us on bandcamp or send an email to order directly.

We wish everyone a happy new year. Thank to you to all that supported the label activities and the bands. We will have some great news going forth into 2017.

Update: November 26 2016
We have released Sary Oy by Darkestrah on LP this month.
We have a new interview by Al-Namrood in Dutch, click here

Update: September 16 2016
Al-Namrood where recently featured in NRC Newspaper (Netherlands) by Peter Van Der Ploeg.

Update: July 9 2016
Very soon Al-Namrood will be unveiling the newest details of their upcoming works. Darkestrahs vinyl Sary Oy will be released this year, the date has been slightly delayed from August to November. We have updated the press page.

Update: January 21 2016
We are happy to announce our first release for the year 2016 by our two most unique bands Darkestrah and Al-Namrood. They join to release a special MCD split release. More information on this release is available on the releases page section along with the upcoming LP release Sary Oy by Darkestrah. Pre-orders will begin in a few days.

Update: January 11 2016
Happy New Years to everyone. We start the year off with two exciting things. Sary Oy by Darkestrah will be released on vinyl format in October. Before that we have a split release between Darkestrah and Al-Namrood to be released in May. Dates will be announced soon regarding both releases along with the artworks. Stay tuned.

Update: November 20 2015
With November 27 around the corner, the last of our releases Diaji Al Joor pre-orders have been shipping out this week. Hope you enjoy the latest album by Al-Namrood.

And now to excite you for the new year - the new year will bring a split release with Darkestrah and Al-Namrood. It will also see Darkestrah release their vinyl edition of Sary Oy. We are proud to announce these two new releases for 2016 of these amazing and unique bands. Expect Sary Oy to be released mid to late next year and the split album on CD in limited quantities early in the year.

Update: November 13 2015
The store has been updated. We regret to say that we have closed our shop. All of our releases are better managed on bandcamp which is our new storefront. If you would like to take advantage of low prices on stock I am liquidating from the shop, visit our musicstack store (musicstack shaytan). If you see items there you like just send an email and I could offer a discount as I am clearing out all stock to focus instead on the label and its artistic creations and releases.

We have some exciting news regarding our two most popular bands Darkestrah and Al-Namrood. A split is planned to be released in 2016 by these two exciting black metal bands. We also have other major news coming your way.

But first, we should mention that Diaji Al Joor is only a few weeks away from release to end our release year of 2015.

Our supporters have been consistent and the bands have been great to work with - looking forward to more exciting music to release, creatively exploring more with the bands we are working with, and chatting with the loyal customer and fan base.

Update: November 7 2015
Epos by Darkestrah was released on vinyl this past month in October. Still available is their release from last year The Great Silk Road a double album vinyl in gatefold. You can email your orders in for a discount if you buy both at the same time. The shop website was facing some issues so at the moment our storefront is the bandcamp page.

Update: September 1 2015
Equimanthorns release is now available. All pre-orders have shipped out. We hope you enjoy the majestic art and dark haunting music.

We have also released a new music video for the track Hayat Al Khezea by Al-Namrood from their upcoming album Diaji Al Joor. There are two versions of the video, the official version and the uncensored.

Uncensored Version
Hayat Al Khezea (Official Version)

Update: August 12 2015
Equimanthorns vinyl will be released in just two weeks. We have about 150 copies left so be sure to place your orders for the reissue of "Exalted Are The Seven Throne Bearers of Ninnkigal" onto vinyl; previously released only on CD. Ritualistic eastern themed dark ambient music housed in a majestic white jacket with accompanying white vinyl pressed in only 250 quantity.

Update: July 14 2015
Al-Namrood where recently featured in an interview on Metal1.Info (in german)

Update: May 20 2015
Al-Namrood have released a free download of a cover song in the punk metal genre with an oriental overture. You can download the track for free by clicking on the image below.

We are throwing some massive deals on death metal and black metal cds in stock at the moment. For $50 you can get 20 CDs (feel free to mix from the lots available by emailing directly). We only have a few lots available and its free shipping globally without the cases. Take advantage as we try to make room for our upcoming releases by Darkestrah, Al-Namrood, and Equimanthorn.

Update: April 21 2015
The year starts with Al-Namrood being featured in VICE NEWS with a special interview

Update: February 20 2015
Welcome to the new year. We started this year with the release of Ana Al Tughian which was released on February 13. All pre-orders have shipped out at this point with the patches which are in limited supply. Thank you to everyone that has continued to support Al-Namrood and Shaytan Productions. Keep in mind this release was just a prelude to what is to come near the end of the year for Al-Namrood with their full length release Diaji Al Joor.

In other news we have now sent off Equimanthorns release into press with a release slated for August 2015 of their vinyl release with us. The vinyl will be limited to 250 copies and will come housed in a jacket as a white vinyl. This release could become one of our more aesthetic ones with it also being a step away from our traditional black metal releases.

Darkestrah are finalizing their Epos release on vinyl format and more information will follow on that.

All-in-all this year will be possibly the biggest one for us in terms of releases from three of our favorite and active bands all of which are unorthodox.

Update: December 21 2014
As the year comes to a close we once again thank everyone for supporting our bands and label. We have a packed 2015 approaching with Equimanthorn, Darkestrah and Al-Namrood releases scheduled. We are also working on a press release page for the website. We begin 2015 with Ana Al Tughian by Al-Namrood and end the next year with their follow up album Diaji Aljoor. Also 2015 will give light to the Darkestrah Epos album on vinyl and Equimanthorns first release with us of their 2007 release "Exalted Are The Seven Throne Bearers of Ninnkigal" on white vinyl.

Update: November 2 2014
Thank you to everyone that supported Darkestrah by pre-ordering the latest release "The Great Silk Road" on double vinyl. It was released on schedule on October 16. We shipped out our distribution copies last week and the pre-order copies as they arrived on the date. We are very excited to have put this great album on vinyl through Shaytan Productions. Keep following for more information on Darkestrah as we prepare for their epic "Epos" vinyl release with us. You can follow Darkestrah on facebook to keep up with their live tours they are currently performing.

Update: September 25 2014
The year of 2015 is looking to be our most darkest and destructive. With Al-Namrood about to release Ana Al Tughian 7" we are happy to offer the first 50 pre-orders an Al-Namrood patch. The remaining 40 of 100 will be up for sale in our web-shop soon for a reasonable price. But the year will only begin with this release for Al-Namrood as they embark on a full length follow up to be released on CD and Vinyl format.

This year we have Darkestrah about to release one of our all time favorite albums "The Great Silk Road" on double vinyl with less than a month away from becoming available. It is only the start to their walk with the Shaytan as "Epos" a single track epic will be made available on vinyl format in 2015.

We are proud to announce the signing of Equimanthorn. They will release a vinyl with us in 2015 for their mysterious and unorthodox release "Exalted Are The 7 Throne Bearers of Ninnkigal". 

More information on all releases will be posted under the release section. The journey of bringing such great bands to a single label has been an honor as they represent the overall sound the label was out to achieve from the start.

Update: August 16 2014
Its still August, and we are proud to announce two releases set for 2015. The first being by Al-Namrood entitled Ana Al Tughian which will be a 7inch limited to 300 copies which is to be a prelude to their forthcoming album continuing the erratic behaviors of Humbaba. Followed by a follow-up vinyl release by Darkestrah; which will see the release of the epic Epos on vinyl. More information is to follow as time progresses in only one direction that it can - forward.

Update: August 1 2014
The Darkestrah vinyls are just around the corner. We have some exciting news coming your way in September 2014. You can ofcourse in the meantime check out Al-Namrood who was featured in a German daily newspaper this time around in Der Freitag.

Update: June 3 2014
This year has been ripe with shaytan activity.

Darkestrahs, the Great Silk Road album will now be a double vinyl to ensure sound quality. We just had the vinyl art designed and the vinyl went into press right after. With no delays expected on this October release by Darkestrah; it seems the right time to put The Great Silk Road up for pre-order. Click the vinyl art to pre-order.

Al-Namrood have continued to deliver this year with their latest release Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq becoming reputed for its theatrical vocal performance and paving a solid oriental Arabian flare to its overall sound. Other than appearing in the Guardian UK, Metro Toronto Newspapers they recently where featured in Against Magazine (Issue 9). Click the magazine cover to read the album review and interview.

Update: May 16 2014
The youtube channel was finally made to accommodate the latest Al-Namrood offering - a music video.

Update: April 12 2014
A youtube channel is in the works for Shaytan Productions that will feature official music streams of our bands. Keep checking back for an update.

Update: April 9 2014
We hope you are tuning into the raw sounds of Al-Namroods latest vinyl Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq. The latest update for Al-Namrood is the newest release of their shirts with their original logo on high quality full sleeved shirts which will go up for purchase on next week and also through the shaytan shop.

The Darkestrah release is now lined up next as we experience vinyl fever at Shaytan Productions. All the information has been posted and confirmed - pre-orders will go up sometime in September.

But we have some more surprises abound for our cult followers on our next update in June, so enjoy the nice weather that is coming of time for those of you that experienced the harsh cold winters this year.

Update: March 24 2014
The vinyls have finally shipped out as of this past weekend after a long delay of receiving them from the manufacturing plant. The shirts where shipped out late as well since they came from the same source. Thank you for your patience but the wait will have been worth it - we hope you enjoy the first vinyl release on our label and by the band Al-Namrood.

Update: March 11 2014
In anticipation of the Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq vinyl release, we are keeping busy. We are now on Bandcamp which can be accessed from the left sidebar.

Update: March 3 2014
The artwork for Darkestrah's vinyl release of "The Great Silk Road" has been released and can be seen under the releases tab. The vinyl will be limited to 300 copies with a tentative release date of October 2014. We anticipate the release of this epic masterpiece.

Update: January 31 2014
The unveiling of the Great Silk Road by Darkestrah on vinyl will take place on Shaytan Productions. A date has not been assigned as of yet, but will be announced shortly as we welcome our latest band signing Darkestrah to our label. Their music has crossed a multiplicity of borders with their epic and unique black metal undertakings. They originally hail from Central Asia and are influenced by Shamanic ideals.

Update: January 13 2014
Welcome to the new year supporters and friends of Shaytan. We have some great news here, on January 6 we saw the release of Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq by Al-Namrood on CD. Thank you to all those that once again have continued to support the bands and label by purchasing the music and CD. But the news does not end there as the year has just began and we have some big plans for the label and our bands.

Although it is great news that we have a vinyl planned for Al-Namrood for Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq; unfortunately a delay has occurred with the artwork and it is now in press but wont be ready until February. We do sincerely feel terrible for this delay but we have something to deliver that will enlighten you coinciding with the vinyl release. Be sure to check back by March as we have made it our next active month. If you have pre-ordered the vinyl, we will be in touch.

We also have some other surprises in store this year that will be posted on our next update.

Update: December 4 2013
Al-Namroods vinyl release will be released January 14 2014. It will be the first vinyl release for the Shaytan and likewise Al-Namrood. The pressing of Yadhar Al Ghasq will be limited to 300 featuring a full color jacket with black vinyl. Pre-orders have begun and the support is appreciated on behalf of the bands and label. The CD pressing is limited to 500 for Yadhar Al Ghasq and pre-orders have been set up as well. You can purchase both items either from the Al-Namrood website or the Shaytan Shop.This might be our last update for the year - so we want to wish you happy holidays and new year greetings.

Update: November 1 2013
Al-Namroods latest release information has been posted under the release section. For the first time there will be a vinyl release of the CD album Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq. The CD is set to release January 6 2014, with the vinyl release to be announced. All track listing information and artwork have been posted. Pre-orders will begin soon in our shop for both the CD and vinyl by clicking on the links to your left.

Update: July 30 2013

Al-Namrood music is featured in this RPG Game
"Nights Of The Crusades"
by Aetheric Dreams

Update: June 13 2013

Punish The Wicked by Nicholas Morine
Quite a relevant book pressed by Montag Press.

Update: May 23 2013
We are supporting the Lithuanian Open Air Festival - Devilstone. Click the image for more information.

Update: May 19 2013
Its been a while since our last update, but we finally have some news to post. For those of you waiting on the shirts of al-namrood, we finally have them. Strictly limited to 50. The last ones sold out a while ago - so don`t miss your chance. Available in the shop and

Update: January 23 2013
Jaish Al-Namrood has been unleashed - and the website has gone through revisions entirely to update every page. Welcome to 2013, we thank you for your support (labels, customers, bands, distributors) as we hit our 5 year anniversary. We hope you celebrate with the new Al-Namrood release fiercely piercing through your headphones.

Update: December 12 2012
Jaish Al-Namrood has gone into press this past week - looking forward to the final piece of art - all pre-orders will ship out January 5. Any orders placed between Jan 5-Jan19 will ship out on January 20.

Al-Namrood will be featured in Germany's well known metal magazine - Legacy (  It will contain an interview and reviews of their albums.

Al-Namrood's "Kitab Al Awthan" album was awarded "Best Saudi Arabian Black Metal Album" by . The Estorat Taghoot album was given the "Editors Choice Award - Black Metal Album".

Update: December 1 2012
The Al-Namrood website has been updated with a teaser remastered track "Atba'a Al-Namrood". It also contains links to the new official facebook page of Al-Namrood, and their official myspace page. Just a little over a month before the release of Jaish Al-Namrood. Happy Holidays, and Happy New Years to everyone, another year has passed by quickly.

Update: November 22 2012
Thank you for all the pre-orders of the new Al-Namrood album, the album is in its final phases of completion and release. Limited to 250 copies in a tin box don't miss out on this special edition release by the Saudi's. Many new review links posted for the latest Shaytan releases, and the Al-Namrood website has been updated with all their interviews of past.

Update: August 12 2012
The special edition CD by Al-Namrood will be a 5 track EP housed in a box embellished with the Al-Namrood logo. T-Shirts will return in very limited quantities since they sold out the last time. The new website will contain all the information on the upcoming release as time unfolds. The link to the website can be found on the releases page and side panel of this page.

Update: May 12 2012
We are in search for an intro to our website, meaning graphic design artists that are interested should get in touch. We will compensate for your creativity in design but you must send some information of your vision (sample) that you would have in mind. If you don't have something in mind, but you are a well-versed designer we have some idea's for you to make our intro. Compensation will be discussed. Interested? Head over to our contact page and send an email. In fact if we like your work enough - we may have the whole web-site re-designed.

Update: May 8 2012
The new webstore can be accessed through the link on your left. At the moment it is still under construction and not all items are present so you can continue to use our existing store until then which can be accessed through the distro page. The new shop that is being made will be shipping inclusive worldwide and your guaranteed to find the lowest prices on all stock.

Update: April 13 2012
A new webstore is under construction. More news will follow regarding Al-Namrood's special edition boxset in the coming month. Many new reviews have been posted under the releases tab.

Update: February 8 2012
Al-Namrood have provided a few interviews over at Mortem Zine and Pavillon666. The band and label would like to thank all the support from other labels, reviewers, interviewers, and ofcourse you the fans that have bought their CD's and merchandise. The support goes a long way in supporting more releases - as Al-Namrood are set to deliver a limited edition release this year in boxset form. The t-shirts are now completely sold out. Also on this post we'd like to mention the new Shaytan blog that can be accessed to your left from this page. There are many reviews up for Kitab Al Awthan that you can view by going to the releases section.

Update: January 6 2012
The Horn's album has been released and is available for order now. Some paypal buttons where not working as mentioned by a few people, we have instead added direct links to the webstore for checkout.

Happy New Year to everyone!!

Update: December 24 2011
Happy holidays to everyone!!

Regarding Al-Namrood facebook pages  - Al-Namrood does not have facebook or use it. Whomever you are talking to claiming to to be Al-Namrood on facebook is not Al-Namrood.

Update: December 15 2011
0122012 The date that marks the beginning of the Horn's debut on Shaytan Productions. The first release will contain spells from the Egyptian book of the dead encompassed within Volume 10. Making the horn a staple on Shaytan Productions for future releases. The release will be limited to 250 CD's. It will be posted in our distro soon - be sure to check back in a few days.

Al-Namrood's Kitab Al Awthan first review has been published and can be found under the releases section. Subsequent reviews are to follow. Kitab Al Awthan is also available in our webshop.

Update: November 11 2011
Due to the financing issues of a vinyl - the plans for a Darkestrah LP have been relinquished. Al-Namrood's latest album, 4th release, 3rd full length, titled Kitab Al-Awthan will be available on January 20 2012.

Update: November 5 2011
The review links and webstore is consistently updated. The Astfhl Al Tha'r and Atba'a Al-Namrood CD's are now in limited quantities.

Update: October 28 2011
Thanks to all those that have pre-ordered the new Al-Namrood album. It will be shipped immediately on arrival. The Al-Namrood MEDIUM AND XL shirts are now sold out. Only Small and Large remain in one quantity each. The new album should be shipped immediately for pre-orders before Nov 30.

Update: September 14 2011
We have now included the artwork and track names to the releases page for the upcoming Al-Namrood album. We are also updating the website releases page with review links so you can read about the releases as we have nothing to hide about the responses to the album. At the same time, support those that have been supporting us with links to their sites. Labels will be given links as well, with new updates coming soon.

Update: September 1 2011
After many months we are happy to unveil new information on Al-Namrood our most prominent band. Shaytan Productions is happy to announce the release of their 3rd full length album with us. As you may know Al-Namrood have not let down on their continuous black metal asssaults each year since inception. The new album title will be "Kitab Al-Awthan". More information will be released soon. Artwork and track names are to follow. Be sure to check out our new store at , where there Al-Namrood special's thrown including their T-shirts available in all sizes. Each size is strictly limited in quantity. The release date will be set shortly for their new album, and pre-orders will begin taking place shortly after.

Update: February 11 2011
Life's paths has taken away from focusing on the label. The Horn CD and Darkestrah Vinyl are still planned. We had seized operating our distro but now we are starting it again. We are adding items daily to the store ; we have up to 1500 unique cd and vinyls to list. Most stock is limited in quantities.

Update: October 1 2010
After a huge delay in the release of the Darkestrah release we are ready to begin this project... more details will follow in the coming days.

Update: May 1 2010
All pre-orders for the new Al-Namrood release have shipped. All shirts have shipped out as well. The new release is now available - enjoy the 2010 opus by Al-Namrood.

Update: March 29 2010
Al-Namrood's new release Estorat Taghoot will be available in one weeks time. All pre-orders will ship out immediately.  Thank you for your support for those of you who have already purchased the shirts and pre-ordered the CD. We will be listing our new distributors for this release soon - the "djinns" page will see a revamp of currently supporting/and supported labels/magazines etc.

Darkestrah's Epos vinyl will be put up for pre-order very soon. It will be announced here the moment it goes up.

Update: March 6 2010
Shaytan Productions is enlightened to announce the newest signing. Darkestrah, one of the greatest black metal bands that merge eastern and western influences into black metal perfectly are scheduled to release a vinyl. The LP will be an issuing of their "Epos" album limited to 500 Blue Vinyls in Gatefold with Poster. These vinyls will be strictly limited; so be sure to pre-order them immediately. More information regarding the release will follow in the coming week. We will announce a release date and put it for pre-order soon.

Update: January 2 2010
Happy New Years to everyone!  We have great news, the Estorat Taghoot album by Al-Namrood is now available for pre-order. It is $12 with shipping included worldwide. The CD will be released in April. Reserve your copy now.

Update: December 25 2009
For the new year, there is more great news. Estorat Taghoot is in the final production phase. But also be prepared for a package of Al-Namrood to be available (T-Shirt + CD). Thats right, a limited quantity of Al-Namrood shirts will be available in all sizes. More information coming soon.

Update: December 11 2009
Al-Namrood have posted new tracks on their myspace of their upcoming release. Be sure to visit and take a listen of what to expect in their 2010 unveiling. Al-Namrood followers will be drawn into a frenzy with the exotic melodies ingrained in ancient Arabia.

Update December 5 2009
As the new year dawns upon us there are new adventures to be sought in the coming year. The first thing we'd like to mention for the Torontonians is that our releases can be found at Sonic Boom on Bloor Street. The second news for Torontonians as well is that our CDs can also be found at Cafe Melektaus. A new gothic inspired middle eastern cafe at 1088 Bathurst Street. We were contacted by them since they wanted to play our music within the store and we have now affiliated with them. They do stock on our releases as well but are not on display - thus they must be requested. I believe they would have it on hand at the store. They go for $10 CAD.

Now to the news for 2010. Al-Namrood are working on their new album to be released some time in 2010. They have entitled it to be Estorat Taghoot. More information will be found right here on the website as it becomes official. In the mean time you can visit Al-Namroods myspace page for updates regarding their next release.

Update October 2 2009
The Fields of Iaru CD will be delayed from October 31 2009 unfortunately. In other news, the label will be ceasing to acquire new bands and releases. The releases that remain will be the ones we have scheduled already for release which include bands Fields of Iaru and the Horn.

In other news, the label will not cease itself in its activities. The distribution services will still be present and offered. Due to personal career variations and less time and finances dedicated to the label activities; after the scheduled releases we are pleased to announce that Al-Namrood will still be present as our exclusive band.

Al-Namrood are currently working on their next release due out in 2010 right here on Shaytan Productions. A release date will be announced at some point in early or mid- 2010. The "untitled" release will be a full length; the second by Al-Namrood and third overall release on Shaytan Productions.

Once again to all those that have purchased cds and vinyls from us, traded, and distributed our titles; we thank them for their support. We will still be accepting band proposals but please be advised we would have to be enthralled by your music for us to accept a release.

Al-Namrood will be forming a website in the near future coinciding their upcoming release. Al-Namrood has been Shaytan Productions best selling band, with the finest atmospheric, oriental black metal. We will strive to get them on a worldwide tour in the near future, beginning with Toronto, Canada.

Update: July 23 2009
Al-Namrood's new album was released worldwide by Plastic Head on July 6. All stores should stock it by now, if you are a distributor or a label looking to trade please contact us. 

Following the pathways to the pyramids of giza and summoning ancient spells we are glad to announce a new band signing - THE HORN. Transferring the entire egyptian book of the dead into 'spells' over a series of volumes with influences of egyptian themed ambience and black metal. The resonance of the music drives the person into a frenzied nature; envision demons circling their soul, body and spirit. The release that will be unearthed on January 11 2011 will be the 10th volume in his series. More information coming soon.

Update: May 19 2009
After the well received demo release and our first release "Atba'a Al-Namrood" by Al-Namrood; they gained a quick cult following and redefined oriental black metal. Then they followed up the release with their last month's release "Astfhl Al Tha'r", their first full length release, as well as the labels first full length release. Al-Namrood have now announced their new plans, a third album is in the making. It will be released at some time in 2010. A new sample track can be heard on their myspace page.

If you still haven't heard Asfthl Al Tha'r you should get the album now, as it is sure to be a classic and revolutionary album in the black metal scene. We would like to thank all those that have supported the label and our bands. Our prices on all stock and our releases remain low - with or without the recession. 

Update: April 20 2009
Al-Namrood -- Astfhl Al-Tha'r; is now available in our distro for purchase. Shipping inclusive pricing for worldwide sales, price is $10 CAD.

Update: March 3 2009
Al-Namroods full length Astfhl Al Tha'r will be released on April 20. Pre-Orders will begin March 9 right here at Shaytan Productions. The CD's track listing has been posted along with cover artwork. 60 Minutes of Pure Arabian Black Metal!!  This is sure to be a promising release from the Saudi Hordes. Be the first to own it!

After a successful ritualistic ambient release by Dhul Qarnayn, we are glad to inform you a website is the design process. ,  be sure to check back in about a months time.

Update: February 20 2009
Currently uploading a lot of inventory into our webstore; more than 1000 items to choose from.

Update: February 1 2009
Kalki Avatara CD was released on January 20. 

Update: January 6 2009
Kalki Avatara CDs have begun shipping out, thank you for those that had pre-ordered it.

Al-Namroods full-length album title has been posted under our "release" section. We will provide more information on the release within the coming weeks, and a release date.

Thank you for those that have requested to be a part of our mailing list, we greatly appreciate the support. We issue one email per month (includes label information, band updates, and new arrivals to our webstore).

Update: December 24 2008
Kalki Avatara Cd is ready to be pre-ordered. You can check out our webshop. We also have a host of new inventory arriving for the new year ahead so be sure to check back for a full update, especially for the black metal genre.

We have Al-Namrood preparing for the new release, tentatively scheduled for release in March 2009. 

Happy New Year to everyone that has supported us through 2008 with our first two releases.

Update: November 24 2008
Fields of Iaru have signed to Shaytan Productions for a release in mid - 2009. Their music can be described as "Egyptian Tomb Metal".

Al-Namrood are near completion of their second album, more information regarding the release will be available as it becomes available.

Kalki Avatara's release will also see the light of day early 2009.

Update: September 6 2008
In other news, the Saudi Arabian hordes Al-Namrood will have their full-length release in early 2009 following their successful demo release Atba'a Al-Namrood, which can be found through local distributors and ofcourse our very own webshop. More information regarding the release will be posted as it becomes available.

Update: August 19 2008
We are glad to announce our latest signing Kalki Avatara, we have set a temporary release date of January 2009. The CD should contain 4 tracks of Neo-Romantic Mystical Folkish influenced experimental metal. More information regarding the release will be posted as it becomes available.

Update: August 9 2008
We now have a new web design in place all thanks to the designer who did an extremely great job, John.

We had some updates regarding links, we have added links to our supporters.

Update: July 25 2008
Dhul Qarnayn's Jilwah single is ready for pre-order. The single is available for $7 to USA/CANADA with shipping included, and $10 Internationally with shipping included. If you already own black magick books, this is a MUST! Pre-Orders will ship on October 7, so you can own this ritualistic experience for Halloween. The CD is 25+ minutes in length and is one track. For more info visit the release section.

Update: July 19 2008
Dhul Qarnayn front artwork has been posted, along with a sample track under releases. The release date is October 31 2008. Black Metal in the Oriental vein delivered on a single containing 30minutes of dark ritualism.

Update: June 20 2008
Update on the release by Yahatra, the track names have been posted. It's confirmed the release that was originally self-released, will be released on Shaytan Productions with three bonus songs. Release date is still unconfirmed and pending, it will most likely be a 2008 release.

Update: June 15 2008
Dhul-Qarnayn has signed to Shaytan Productions. From The Kingdom Of Bahrain, the one man project by Learza brings Raw Old School Black Metal with Oriental touches. The release date has been scheduled for the single entitled "Jilwah" (translated to "Revelations") as October 31 2008.

Update: June 13 2008
The Al-Namrood CDs have arrived. Pre-orders have shipped. The current price remains until the end of the year on Al-Namroods CD. Reviews will be posted as they come in. All CDs are hand numbered and limited to 1000 worldwide. Prices include shipping, please visit the distro page to order.

Update: May 18 2008
The much acclaimed and widely popular experimental metal group Al-Thawra have signed to Shaytan Productions for two releases. More information to come soon, expect a release near the end of June or Early July.

Update: May 13 2008
A mailing list has begun so sign up to stay up to date. There will never be junk mail, only our once a month letter. It will usually only contain distro sale information, our releases, label information and stuff of that nature.

Update: May 6 2008
Atba'a Al-Namrood EP will be released on July 1, pre-orders have begun with shipping included at $6.66 for USA/CANADA and $9 rest of the world. The EP is 20minutes long with 4 oriental black metal tracks. Pre-order yours now, all pre-orders ship before the release date.

Update: April 4 2008
Ruia has designed our current logo, finally we have an identity.

Update: March 30 2008
Al Namrood are in the final stages to completion of the demo CD. The demo will contain 4 tracks by Al-Namrood and will be available for pre-order beginning late next month. Followed by a full-length in 2009.

On another note, Shaytan Productions logo has yet to be designed. It will be put up immediately as it is designed. We are still searching for a designer to make a suitable logo. Until then, we don't have an identity -so bare with us.

Update: March 25 2008
Al-Namrood's Demo will be named "Atba'a Al-Namrood". Release date is to follow soon.

Update: March 19 2008
Al-Namrood, from Saudi Arabia will be our first release of Oriental/Middle Eastern Black Metal. They will be releasing a demo consisting of four tracks in 2008.

Update: March 18 2008
Webstore has been added with many titles, often you will find them here less expensive than on ebay, due to ebays fees that are covered through the buyers. Always check my distro for up to date titles. Prices are always inclusive of shipping to Canada and USA, International buyers an extra $2 on every order (some already have the links posted). Large orders can be ordered manually. Orders can ship less expensive without casings.

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