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Al-Namrood began their journey in hand with Shaytan Productions. We are always excited to release their latest music. The band has put out two music videos and a multitude of singles and full length albums. They have been featured in numerous major publications from review sites like Loudwire and Metal Injection to being featured in news sites like UK Guardian and Der Freitag. And thats not to mention the plethora of metal magazines like Legacy and Atmosfear. We will see if one day they could perform live.
2012::::Metal Injection (Germany)
2014::::Der Freitag (Germany)
2015::::Quartz Magazine (USA)
2015::::NOL Newspaper (Hungary)
2015::::Telegram (Croatia)
2015::::VICE Magazine (USA)
2015::::Spark Rock Magazine (Czechia)
2015::::Blitz Magazine (Portugal)
2015::::Lynrd (USA)
2016::::Bunker Magazine Feature (Russia)
2016::::Black Ivory Tower (USA)
2016::::Heathen Harvest Interview (USA)
2016::::Huck Magazine (USA)
2016::::Legacy Magazine Feature 108 (Germany)
2016::::NRC Newspaper (Netherlands)
2016::::Imperiumi Review (Finland)
2016::::Stormbringer Review (Austria)
2016::::Hard Sounds (Italy)
2016::::Aristocrazia Webzine (Italy)
2017::::Ave Noctum (USA)
2017::::Tirto Newspaper (Indonesia)
2017::::Noizr Interview (Russia)
2017::::Metal Observer Review (Canada)
2017::::The Quietus (USA)
2017::::Under Society Review(France)
2017::::True Metal Interview (Italy)
2017::::Echoes of Minority Sound (Czechia)
2017::::Pop Matters (USA)
2017::::Legacy Magazine Iss.108 (Germany)
2018::::Scene Noise (Egypt)
2018::::Gazeta Prawna (Poland)
2018::::Kerrang (UK)
2018::::Metallisierte Welt Book (Germany)
2019::::Nzz (Switzerland)
2019::::De Volkskrant (Netherlands)