Darkestrah where established in 1999 in the Central Asian country Kyrgyzstan. They later moved to Germany. Their music is always an epic journey drawing inspiration from their native land they have released numerous albums through established labels like Osmose Productions and No Colors Records. Their music is encapsulating. We are honored to have them on our label with already three vinyl releases and a split CD.


Sary Oy (2004) Kult of Kvn Sadistic (2016) LP Reissue, Shaytan Productions
Embrace of Memory (2005) No Colors
Epos (2007) No Colors (2015) Blue LP Edition, Shaytan Productions
The Great Silk Road (2008) Paragon Records (2014) Gatefold Double Vinyl, Shaytan Productions
Khagan (2011) Osmose Productions
Manas (2013) Osmose Productions
Akyr Zaman / Tajer Al Punqia (2016) Shaytan Productions
Turan (2016) Osmose Productions